Hard Work Has No Colour, It Should Be Recognized and Rewarded


We mentor the youth in our community


We promote teamwork and diversity


We hold events to fundraise for community causes


We support community members in need

About Us

Sierra 42 is a non-profit youth initiative that creates opportunities for youth to reach their full potential by providing holistic programs that promote positive social interactions, strong interpersonal skills and reassert a sense of hope in the future. Our aim is to bridge the gap between diverse communities by breaking down barriers, fostering inclusivity and recognizing the hard work of youth based on their merit.


Sierra42 provides programs designed to empower and inspire youth to reach their full potential. Programs include:

  • Peer- Led Circles- Encourage the formation of relationships and participation in activities
  • Educational Workshops & Career Development Seminars
  • Cultural Programming- Include Ceremonies and Teaching Circles
  • Mentorship Opportunities for youth in and out of care/ or youth within the justice system
  • Intergenerational Opportunities
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Youth Leadership Camps
  • Music – Enhance youth musical talents through various activities


To recognize and reward the hard work of all youth equally.


To bridge the gap and unify our diverse communities by inspiring, empowering and investing in long-lasting changes for youth.

Core Values

  • Embrace Our Differences
  • Lead with Optimism
  • Collaborate with Communities
  • Break Down Barriers
  • Provide New Opportunities

Our Team

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